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The Ambassadors for Jesus Christ Motorcycle Ministry was founded 1997 by Pastor “Hollywood” Joe in Houston, Texas, USA. Since 1999 we do fly our Colors.

Set free from a life of sin, Pastor Joe Guebara has ridden with several famous outlaw clubs over the last 25 years. When the Lord called him, he first became the MC’s chaplain and later established The Ambassadors For Jesus Christ Motorcycle Ministry.

With a life as one of the hardcore bikers in the past, Pastor “Hollywood” Joe really know and understand what people out there need. To reach a lost soul is not just to preach,; you have to speak their language as well and understand their feelings.

“Hollywood” Joe´s unique and refreshing preaching style testifies to the saint and sinner alike of God´s Amazing Grace. Pastor Joe, called by God to bring the message of repentance and obedience to God´s people. Together with his team this is the foundation of the now, INTERNATIONAL Ambassadors For Jesus Christ Motorcycle Ministry.

Pastor “Hollywood” Joe is licensed, ordained Minister out of Christian Tabernacle in Houston, Texas, with Pastor Richard Heard. Christian Tabernacle is where the famous pulpit spit happend in Tommy Tenny´s book: God Chasers.

“Hollywood” Joe services as World President and Founder of AFJCMM.

AFJCMM is a licensed nonprofit Organization in the USA.

Since August 2017 Michael “Lefty“ is US National President.

The current list of all US Branches you find here >


2008 was the first AFJCMM Organization outside the der USA founded in Finland, Europe. Pontus J.Back was appointed as European Director by „Hollywood“ Joe (in 2016 Pontus left in Good Stand the AFJCMM). Since January 2015 Markus „Hammer“services as European President.

Europe on the move

Besides Finland also in late 2008 the AFJCMM Branch in Sweden was founded. Since 2014 Berth and Anka serve as Branch Leaders in Sweden.

In 2015 Finland and Sweden became a bit closer and Kees Visser serves besides his Role as Branchleader in Finland also as the Coordinator for the two Scandinavian Branches.

In 2014 Germany was founded as third country in Europe. Markus “Haemmer” services as National President. Currently Germany has 5 Branches thru out Germany.

2017 the Start of Austria happend. Currently Austria is a probationary Branch under the Leadership of the European President together with two local responsible.

So the AFJCMM services now in 4 different Countries in Europe.

Moving North

In 2013 the AFJCMM Family was expanded to the North. Michael „Bull“ Roberts services s Branchleader in Canada.

Michael is also in Canada well know Author and speaker.

To the End of the Earth

In 2014 the Branch in Australia got founded. Paul Whitfield services a National President of Australia.

Move to higher grounds

In 2015 we had a short time were we had a Branch in the Himalayas.

The Branch was closed down in 2016

AFJCMM International is currently serving in the following Countries







AUSTRIA (Probantory)

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The Organization Setup of AFJCMM International:

Worldpresident and Founder: Pastor “Hollywood” Joe

US National President: Michael “Leffty”

Canadian President: Mcihael “Bull” Roberts

Australien President: “Pauly Boy” Withfield

European President: Markus “Haemmer”

Finland President: Kees Visser

Sweden Responsible: Anka and Berth

Germany President: Markus “Haemmer”


The statement of faith of the AMBASSADORS FOR JESUS CHRIST MOTORCYCLE MINISTRY is based solely on the teachings of Scripture, the Bible. In addition, we identify with the apostolic profession of faith of the traditional Church, which is also recognized by the majority of Christian denominations.

We believe that God is a wonderful Father who created heaven and earth. He loves all people and desires a living and never-ceasing relationship with each one of us (Luke 15).

We also believe in His Son Jesus Christ, who came to earth to deliver us from our separation from God and our selfishness. Jesus died for us on the cross to pay for our sins, was resurrected after three days, and appeared personally afterwards to more than 500 witnesses. He then ascended into heaven, where He sits at the right hand of God, from where He reigns over the universe for all eternity. He now has all authority over heaven and the earth.

We believe in the Holy Spirit who is our help, strength, counsel, comfort, inspiration and motivator here on earth. He gives us wonderful gifts (charisma) and produces change in our character (fruit of the Spirit). He enables us to live a supernatural life naturally, in a world which is otherwise dominated by materialistic priorities. He provides us daily with new strength and divine energy.

We believe that Jesus is building His kingdom here on earth (Mt 16:18) and that we are members of the worldwide body of Christ.

We believe with all our hearts in the unity of all those who believe in and worship Jesus Christ.

We believe in the power and divine inspiration of the Holy Scriptures, i.e. the Bible, which serves as our guide in all areas of our lives.

We believe in eternal life after death. This will be incredibly beautiful (Paradise) for all those who have made the decision in faith to follow Jesus Christ.

We believe that baptism is important for all believers.

We believe in the significance of celebrating Holy Communion, where we experience profoundly and personally what happened on Calvary.

We believe in the future return of Jesus as King and Lord to all who are awaiting Him, and for salvation and eternal life with God in heaven.

We believe in eternal judgment of all who have rejected God’s love.

We believe that the love of God, which He has poured into our hearts through His Holy Spirit, is the most powerful and important factor in a person’s life.